Safer Tank Cleaning in Mining

Gamajet 10

When it comes to cleaning storage tanks and vessels, the challenge is not only to clean them effectively and quickly but also accessibility. Whether it’s for fuel, water, waste or oil, any contents are prone to contamination. Tank owners are looking for answers. Often the solution requires completely cleaning the tank; a task made difficult by limited or refined space entry options into storage tanks.

Spray Nozzle Engineering ( offers mining tank cleaning solutions by Gamajet. As a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Gamajet has created multiple products that clean any size fluid tank, quickly, thoroughly, and without cutting and entry.

“If you are seeking the most effective fuel tank cleaning machine, the Gamajet X is a popular choice because it’s fully automated tank cleaner that is capable of getting 100% of residue fuel, dirt and sludge out of underground storage tank and it fits into UTSs.” said Dirk LaBrooy at Spray Nozzle Engineering

Gamajet devices can also be used to polish the fuel. In many cases, the fuel is used as a cleaning agent, powering the fluid-driven cleaning device in its 360° pattern, scouring the tank clean. Tank owners and contractors are now turning to Gamajet from Spray Nozzle Engineering to solve their storage tank cleaning challenges.


Eliminate hazardous confined space entry
Reduce water and cleaning agent usage
Decrease cleaning time by up to 85%
Lightweight for easy handling
Durable and long-lasting

Barrel Cleaning Machine – Gamajet BB

The Gamajet BB combines high performance impingement with dramatically increased durability that provides a service life 3 times longer than the best existing cleaning machine. The fluid-driven Gamajet BB requires no external power supply and features high same impingement cleaning technology and performance. It also combines heavy-duty stainless steel construction with a larger gear train (that remains outside the barrel during cleaning) to provide exceptional...

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Gamajet Solutions For Breweries

We offer the most effective water saving solutions in the market. Compare the gamajet tank cleaning series to see how you could save up to 80% of water and chemical consumption. 20% increased production 80% less water & chemical usage 85% less time spent cleaning 100% efficiency in cleaning COMPARE GAMAJET SOLUTIONS FOR BREWERIES[ultimate_spacer height="25" height_on_mob_landscape="15" height_on_mob="15"]GAMAJET A8 The lightest, most powerful large tank cleaning...

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Wine Tank Cleaning Machines

Gamajet offers specialized jet cleaning product and engineering solutions, based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Every device is custom selected for optimal cleaning and provides a solution for every tank, tote and vessel, regardless of shape, size or internal obstructions. Their products use patented technology to save companies billions of gallons of water and chemicals, millions of hours, and…

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