19 Oct 2017

Gamajet Bi-Pod

Gamajet Bi-Pod

For Barrel Cleaning Bung Hole Down

Fast, Hands-Free Barrel Cleaning: Place and Clean

Industries used in: Primarily Wine

Compatible Gamajets: HD Barrel Blaster, GentleJET, Gamajet 7

Barrel cleaning has evolved immensely from the days of fill and drain. Automated barrel cleaning machines have been used more and more, making the process much easier. The Gamajet Bipod was designed to allow for fast and easy placement of Gamajet GentleJET, HD Barrel Blaster and Gamajet VII. Its unique folding capability gives it the maximum clearance and stability for prompt and reliable placement withing the barrel.

GAMAJET Bi-Pod Specifications

Materials: 316L Stainless Steel; Nylon Feet

Length: 20″ (.5m)

Width: 7.5″ (190 mm)

Height 5″ (130 mm)

Weight: 4lbs (2 kg)

Inlet Connections: 3/8″ (12mm)  NPT-Male

How it works: The 3/8″ NPT Male Inlet collar gets threaded on center feeding tube. The Gamajet is than threaded on the  3/8″ NPT Male Inlet collar for a secure upright hold. The Gamajet is place within the bung hole, with the legs folded back for extra clearance. Once under the barrel, the legs are pulled back and unfolded to rest either on the ground or the barrel beneath.